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Adrienne Doyle

Adrienne Doyle

2019/20 Emerging Curators Institute Fellow.

How will your fellowship with Emerging Curators Institute further your practice?
This fellowship has already put me into contact with guest curators and artists of color who’re doing important work and exploring topics and methods of making that I would like to dive deeper into in my own practice. I am learning that the kind of curating I want to do is about building genuine relationships and listening for the passion, curiosity, and through-line, and I’m seeing some of this in the way Burn Something Zine was created and directed. I am learning more about my professional boundaries and the spaces in which I can take the agency to advocate for myself and my vision. 

What advice do you have for emerging curators, performers, artists, or creatives?
Take risks. Apply for programs that would give you the resources to manifest your vision even if you don’t think you’ll get it, and make your own way when you don’t see what you want or need being offered. Attend grant info sessions and contact their program officers. Know that you are worthy of good things. Collaborate thoughtfully and transparently. Kick it with and learn from folks who are better at your craft than you. Ask them questions and compare notes. 

When it comes to communal spaces, institutions, or programs, what would you like to see more of in Minneapolis?
Queer and trans communities and communities of color in Minneapolis have lost a lot of our important art and gathering spaces within the last five years. I would like to see white folks with resources give everything they can to queer folks, trans folks, and folks of color who are working to build up spaces, institutions, and programs in that void. Money, time, relationships, expertise, and access. These spaces and the communities that need them are assets to this city and should be invested in as such.