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Alexandra Buffalohead

Alexandra Buffalohead

2019/20 Emerging Curators Institute Fellow.

I noticed you’re not only a curator, but also a designer, artist, and musician. What are you looking forward to most with your curatorial project?
I am looking forward to the moment when everything comes together. At the moment, this project is becoming a little climactic, with many possibilities, and directions of inspiration. I want to be inclusive as much as I am able to be. 
My mentor, Michelle, has reminded me that having different curatorial ideas is good. She also advised me that instead of feeling pressured in a negative way, I should feel positive because these ideas can be turned into future curatorial projects.

What is most important to you while producing your project for Emerging Curators Institute?
One of the most important things to me while producing my project is that I make the artists proud, as well as my family, friends, and colleagues. I want to create an informative experience that’s high-quality.

What advice do you have for emerging curators, performers, artists, or creatives?
Advice I have for emerging curators, performers, artists, and creatives is to continue creating in whatever form that might be, and promote your work. My second piece of advice is to continue to network (seriously you never know when you might be in the right place at the right time). Lastly, find a mentor or several to learn from and share ideas.

When it comes to communal spaces, institutions, or programs, what would you like to see more of in Minneapolis?
I would like to see programs and institutions continue offering initiatives for mentorships, apprenticeships, and hire BIPOC. In addition, I want to see that when institutions work with artists or BIPOC non-profits, they offer reciprocity (financial) for their time and perspective.