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September 23 – November 17, 2023

Opening Reception and Performance Premiere
Saturday, September 23rd, 3-4pm
At 3:30pm Keila Anali Saucedo’s video performance Miedo Adentro premieres.

Additionally the gallery will be open until 8pm for visitors to view the exhibition.

Inventadas is a multimedia exhibition curated by Alondra M. Garza, a 2022-23 Emerging Curators Institute (ECI) Fellow, presented in partnership with Franconia Sculpture Park.

Inventadas features Minnesota-based women, trans, and non-binary Latinx interdisciplinary artists who are addressing issues tied to gender and resistance. The artists include Maria Cristina (Tina) Tavera (she/her), Candida Gonzalez (they/them), Grover Hogan (they/them), Ivonne Yañez (she/her), and Keila Anali Saucedo (they/them). Works presented include textiles, painting, sculpture, installation, writing, performance, printmaking, and video.

Reflecting multifaceted and emotional experiences of being a Latina and non-binary Latine in the United States,  the exhibition is a response to problems derived from sexist macho culture, racism, stereotypes, religion, and homophobia. These responses range from romanticism and humor to unapologetic criticism, all the while showcasing the beauty of Latin culture and identities.

Social practice was a key component of the curatorial process for Inventadas. To quote Garza: “Latinx people heal when we are in a safe community. When we create safe art spaces with our community our work comes alive. We help inspire and teach each other to create more meaningful artwork.”

Beginning a year prior to the presentation of this exhibition, the artists and curator met regularly to engage in dynamic conversations about the work, offer critiques and share feedback with each other; gathering at venues across the Twin Cities including: The Affirmation Space at Public Functionary, NE Sculpture Art and Squirrel Haus Arts. The exhibiting artists also played a collaborative role in the curation; exploring themes, titles, and ways to display work within the Mardag Gallery at Franconia Sculpture Park. This exhibition marks the culmination of Garza’s 2022 fellowship with Emerging Curators Institute.  

Inventadas is made possible through the Emerging Curators Institute fellowship program, with generous support from exhibition partner Franconia Sculpture Park. In moving through the initial year of the fellowship, Garza explored varied approaches to curatorial practices as part of a cohort of Four distinct Fellows. She gained insights on how to make a social practice community-curated project, offered resources to support research and engaged in thoughtful conversations with professional curators. Garza was also provided mentorship; cultivating an amazing relationship with her mentor, Terez Lacovino, Assistant Curator of the Katherine E. Nash Gallery.


  • Franconia is wheelchair accessible in designated areas of the park and the common building.  Primary paths in the park are rough gravel. Secondary paths are mowed grass. A golf cart can be provided to support navigating the park.
  • American Sign Language interpretation and audio description will be offered during the Opening Reception of Inventadas on September 23rd.

As Emerging Curators Institute evolves in supporting accessibility for D/deaf, disabled and neurodiverse communities, we welcome those with questions surrounding accommodations to email [email protected].

Artist Bios

Tina Tavera
Minneapolis-based artist, Maria Cristina (Tina) Tavera is a multidisciplinary artist who investigates the constructions of racial, ethnic, gender, national and cultural identity via numerous mediums including printmaking, installation, and public art. The artwork focuses on the Latinidad within the United States; examining cultural signifiers determined by society on how people define themselves and their cultures in everyday life. Tavera is a dual citizen with Mexico and the United States. Tavera holds a Master of Leadership in the Arts from the Humphrey School from the University of Minnesota. She has received fellowships and grants including U.S. Latinx Artist Fellowship and the McKnight Visual Artist Fellowship. Tavera has exhibited nationally and internationally, and her artwork can be found in the collections of the City of Minneapolis Public Art, Weisman Art Museum, Fargo Plains Museum, Oglethorpe Museum and Tweed Museum of Art.

Candida Gonzalez 
A queer, non-binary mixed Puerto Rican born in South Minneapolis, Cándida González (they/them) studied Latin American Art and History at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, and went on to get their Masters of Educations at The University of Minnesota in 2003. In their 15 years of arts education work in Minneapolis, they have worked on building art programs that focused on equitable arts opportunities, inclusivity of underserved populations, and deeper, culturally relevant arts experiences for youth and communities of color. Through their work they have also focused on providing opportunities and development for emerging artists of color. They approach their work by centering the intersection of art, activism, healing and personal/community empowerment. They are deeply invested in the concept of using art and community design as tools to wage love and healing. Currently Gonzalez facilitates the national Making it Public workshop series for Forecast Public Art for new and emerging public artists, participates in select local arts and healing initiatives and creates mixed-media jewelry/talismans under the name Las Ranas Jewelry. 

Grover Hogan
Grover Hogan is a queer, Black and Mexican multimedia artist from Houston, Texas, currently based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They received their Bachelor of Fine Arts from Minneapolis College of Art and Design and is currently working as an interdisciplinary artist and art teacher. Hogan’s work focuses on their relationship to their identity, their performance of social roles, and how they move through hierarchies within a white supremacist culture. View their work on Instagram @ThriftShopTV and at

Ivonne Yañez
Ivonne Yáñez is an interdisciplinary artist and fashion designer from México City. In 2023 she graduated with a Master of Fine Arts Program from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She holds bachelor degree in fashion design from both the Universidad del Valle de México, México City, and from the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, in Milan. Though she is presently focusing on creating immersive installations, her background is in fashion media and retail design in México City. Yáñez’s work has been exhibited at MoCCA Arts Fest, Fresh Eye Gallery, Gallery 148, and Gamut Gallery, all in Minneapolis, MN and the University of Syracuse NY. She currently works with Minneapolis Textile Center as the Program Coordinator of the Mining Mending Exhibition and at the Interact Center as a Fiber Specialist.

Keila Anali Saucedo
Keila Anali Saucedo is the child of Jaime Saucedo Corona y Rosalia Martinez Salgado. They have been writing, storytelling, lying, and creating travesura since their childhood. They are a playwright, performing artist, and theatre maker originally from Chicago, IL. They have presented work with Patrick’s Cabaret, Teatro del Pueblo, Pangea World Theatre and the 20% Theatre Company.  Saucedo currently serves as the co-Artistic Director of Lightning Rod, a queer trans arts organism. They have a long history of theater production, devising, and ensemble building. Produced works include “Only I”, “What I Have Left To Eat”, and “Brujería for Beginners”. Keila Anali’s work is an attempt at alchemy using ancestral wisdom, survivor technology, and queer discoveries.

Large, bright magenta chainlinks sewn together are hanging from a ceiling similarly in the shape of the letter “N.” On the lowest chain link there is a metallic gold, circular tag. In the background the walls are white with a wooden two panel closed door and rectangular ceiling lights. The floor is cement.
Ivonne Yañez, Chain to hold something precious, 8ft x 1ft x 1ft, 2023
Alondra M. Garza is a Tejana/Tex-Mex woman with light-tan skin, short black hair with blonde streaks framing her face. She is standing in the center of the image wearing a puffy bright red coat with matching gloves and holding a glass sculpture in her left hand. The sculpture is light purplish-pink with a gooey texture. It is the size of a human head. In the background there is clear plastic framing Alondra with teal plastic tape.
Alondra M. Garza
Gallery attendees clustered together within the space. They are facing each other in conversation. One has expressive hand gestures as if explaining something while another has crossed arms and is in deep thought. There are bright pink art pieces hanging from the ceiling and a large vintage television on the left of the image.
Opening Reception of “Inventadas”
There are gallery attendees facing away from the camera and towards a vintage TV installation by Tina Tavera. On top of the TV is a dark brown vase. There is also a soft sculpture of bright pink chains sewn together made by Ivonne Yañez.
Visitors experiencing Tina Tavera’s “Things can be and not be at the same time”